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The Artobiography Experience is not an art or writing workshop, no special talents are necessary—just a willingness to participate and an interest in personal insight. If a piece is created that’s worthy of keeping, that’s a bonus. All materials are provided: magazines, scissors, glue sticks, etc. We spend some time selecting and cutting out pictures and headlines or sections of text with words, whatever seems appealing, keeping this thought in mind: More than anything, I’d like you to know this about me.

When we’re finished the spontaneous collage boards are put up on a wall. There are no signatures, everything is anonymous. I ask for interpretations about what the person who created this is trying to communicate about themselves. That person gets to hear what others think they have revealed. (Sometimes it’s surprising to them.)

The conversations are most lively, entertaining and insightful when the people involved are friends and know each other well. At the first  Artobiography Experience I facilitated, the group was intent on figuring out who had done each piece and, much to my surprise, immediately guessed every one.

“As the child of a critical father, I, in particular, related to this memoir. The Artobiography Experience of “spontaneous collage,” which was a wonderful evening with close friends, revealed to me something quite personal about a cross- road I am facing right now. That it is game time for me (one of the words I unconsciously put in the center of my collage) became quite clear.”

—Anya Kirva

“The piece I made seemed to be a snapshot of this moment in my life. I wanted to put a date on it to mark this time. The  collage I made looks like it’s from another era. My mother passed away 9 days earlier and I’m filled with memories of her, steeped in a lifetime of her possessions. Making the collage helped me see and embrace, own actually, how much of my mother is a part of me … and I have this collage to help with this passage in a very sweet way.”

—Sally Powell-Ashby

If you’re interested in arranging a workshop with your friends or book group call Tina Collen 303-440-4464.



TEDx at SuXanadu

Manhattan Beach, California

Date and time to be determined




Past Events
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Two book fans towering over author

Two book fans towering over author

Kabbalah Live Lecture Series

Book table

Goldberger Center, Denver, Colorado
3599 S. Ivanhoe Street
Denver, CO

Each presentation offers a different artist or writer at the top of their game to speak about their AHA moment

“Book of the Year” Gold medal winner

ForeWord magazine reviews 2000-plus books a year from the country’s top small presses for the magazine’s readership of librarians, booksellers, and 125,000 website visitors.

Talk, Presentation & Book signing


Taking questions from the audience

3800 Kalmia Avenue
Boulder 80301

BookExpo America book signing

Jacob Javits Convention Center NYC














Nautilus Booth 2037 at 2:00 PM




Interview on Sirius XM Radio

with Maggie Linton

Listen to interview on KGNU Radio

with Sharon Jogerst

“Collen’s talks are inspiritational and audiences for her multimedia presentations have been growing steadily. At her last book event, the Denver Eclectics, she addressed an audience of 250. She concludes her presentations with a shocker—the story of what transpired (after she finished writing the book) between her and her father who is now 95.”                                                      —KGNU Radio, Denver Colorado

Click links below to hear interview:

Aspen Comedy Festival, of all places

Excerpt reading

Revealing Self-portrait-mystery

Barbed Wire Books

Meet the Author

504 Main Street
Longmont, CO 80501
(303) 827-3620

2011 Nautilus Book Award gold medal winner



“Nautilus Book Awards recognize the leading edge of the leading edge of books about where the culture is heading by the people who are taking it there.”

They review and acknowledge books that promote conscious living and positive social change, books that offer life-affirming options to a world that longs for a new story. Their process is long and labor-intensive and is carried out by three teams of judges—highly qualified, experienced reviewers located across the U.S. with successful careers as editors, writers, publishers, librarians, college professors and bookstore owners. Previous winners include the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Andrew Weil, Barbara Kingsolver, Marianne Williamson, Naomi Wolf and on. The Essential Box Set of Landmark Speeches & Sermons of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. won a silver in 2010.

Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association

Panelist and Round table leader – Autobiography/Memoir

Red Lion Inn

4040 Quebec Street
Denver, CO 80216
303 321-6666

2 Week Virtual Book Blogging Tour

1/31/2011 James R. Ament http://www.jamesrament.com/
2/01/2011 Book Fetish http://bookfetish.org
2/02/2011 Found Not Lost http://jmomfinds.amoores.com
2/03/2011 Sandra’s Book Club http://sandrasbookclub.blogspot.com
2/04/2011 Doing it with Grace http://doingitwithgrace.blogspot.com
2/07/2011 CIPA Bookshelf http://booksatcipa.wordpress.com
2/08/2011 Minding Spot http://booksatcipa.wordpress.com
2/09/2011 Faye Quam Heimerl http://fayequamheimerl.wordpress.com/
2/10/2011 Thoughts in Progress http://www.masoncanyon.blogspot.com
Live from Las Vegas
Linda Lou

Book giveaway

The author is giving away an autographed book to the reader who posts the most thought-provoking answer to this question:

Oftentimes the objects we hold onto contain cryptic clues that point towards something deeper about ourselves. Take a look around your house (or your room) at the things with which you have surrounded yourself. Is there anything you are still hanging onto that seems to contain a hidden message for you?

A book went to Karelle who commented:

In my kitchen I saw the wok that my mother gave me so many years ago and was reminded of the feeling I carried around for so long that she was still trying to control me from the grave. When I was bringing up my daughter I would think about what my mother would do and then I would do the exact opposite. Now I’m reminded of all the things she told me that turned out to be true.

Excerpts from the Blog Tour

DOING IT WITH GRACE ( http://doingitwithgrace.blogspot.com )

Storm of the i, an ‘artobiography’ by author/artist Tina Collen, is a cohesive marriage of exhibition and memoir. She opens her life’s portfolio and gives us a dazzling view of her aesthetic triumphs while battling the bedevilment of unanswered questions. Beautifully designed and well-written, her book pays homage to the scraps, trophies and mementos that have become her tapestry. Images of her artwork, family photographs, treasured relics and poems treat us to a candid and refreshingly amusing view of her personal and professional journey.”


BOOK FETISH Q&A ( http://bookfetish.org )

What started you writing this book? It’s such an dramatic mix of emotional narrative and graphic images.

The galvanizing energy struck me like a Zeus lightning bolt from, of all places, the stage of a comedy festival on Valentine’s Day in Aspen, Colorado. That evening took a turn I didn’t expect:


SANDY’S BOOKCLUB ( http://sandrasbookclub.blogspot.com )

Today is the day. We have author Tina Collen here with her book, Storm of the i. This is her guest post:

My father didn’t speak to me for 15 years and I never knew why.
Then I wrote the book I needed to read.

On the first three stops of this Virtual Book Tour, I talk about the inspiration for writing my memoir but let me tell you what happened after I wrote it. When I finished the first version, I thought I was finished, but as I re-wrote and worked on it, an interesting thing began to happen.


FOUND NOT LOST ( http://jmomfinds.amoores.com )

My thoughts by Jeanette Moore

How do I even begin to describe a book so unique? I have never seen anything like it before. I loved this book. It feeds all my senses—my sense of curiosity, my sense of yearning for the visual and my sense of rhythm for the written word.

When I get a new book the very first thing I do is …

Art Consulting Scandinavia, Malibu Canyon, California

New Year’s Eve Reading, Santa Monica, California

Salon at SuXanadu, Manhattan Beach, California

Metro State College, Denver, Colorado



The students, who were creating graphic novels that semester, were fascinated by the printing problems I encountered and the solutions at which I arrived.

Denver Eclectics, Denver Country Club

Dana Aluise salon, Arvada, Colorado

Studio 2b, Denver, Colorado

Walker Fine Art, Denver, Colorado

Barnes & Noble, Boulder, Colorado

Judy Kahn Sunday salon, Englewood, Colorado

Explore Booksellers, Aspen, Colorado

Storm of the i is a reminder, vivid and visual, that the parent-child bond is the bedrock upon which lives are built.”—Stewart Oksenhorn, book reviewer for the Aspen Times

Tina signing a book at the Aspen Explore Bookstore


“I could only stand in the doorway during her talk—the more than capacity crowd was hanging on her every word. The slides were great and so was she.”

—Kent Hudson Reed
Director, Kent Hudson Reed Ensemble


Boulder Bookstore, Boulder, Colorado

“I’ve been in the book business for thirty years and I’ve seen a lot of  books, but I’ve never seen anything like Storm of the i. It’s extraordinary—inventive, beautiful and brave.”

—David Bolduc, owner Boulder Bookstore

I usually see eye-to-eye with Stephen Colbert. I never expected to be side-by-side.

Highland City Club, Boulder, Colorado

A little different than the other events—my mother’s 91st birthday

While in New York City for BEA (Book Expo America) I celebrated my mother’s birthday. I also met with Baker & Taylor to arrange for national distribution and attended two award banquets where Storm of the i received a Silver Benjamin Franklin award and a Bronze IPPY.

Heaven’s Sake Bookstore, Denver, Colorado

Borders, Boulder, Colorado


IPPY Award Presentation, New York City

After receiving an EVVY (1st prize for Autobiography) and a 1st place Tech Award (for Layout & Design) from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association, Collen went to the Benjamin Franklin Awards in NYC—and with her book #3 on the best-seller list at the Boulder Bookstore back home, she walked away with a Silver medal for memoir. The next night she collected a bronze IPPY.

CIPA Award Banquet, Denver, Colorado

Received 3 awards that night

With my writing partner and son Mark Collen.

1st place - Autobiography/2nd place - Memoir/and Best Layout and Design

Clear Creek Books, Golden, Colorado

Hearthfire Books, Evergreen, Colorado


Tesla Electric Sport Car Gallery, Boulder, Colorado