Virtual Book Tour

Virtual Book Tour Jan 31 thru Feb 11, 2011

I’m excited to be starting off the new year by taking my show on the cyber road—no, I don’t mean I’m going to Cyberia. What I’m doing is a Virtual Blog Tour. And I’d love for you to come along. It’s actually a series of conversations with book reviewers, literary commentators and even a Las Vegas stand-up comic (!)

Week 1
1/31/2011 James R. Ament
2/01/2011 Book Fetish
2/02/2011 Found Not Lost
2/03/2011 Sandra’s Book Club
2/04/2011 Doing it with Grace

Week 2

2/07/2011 Minding Spot
2/08/2011 CIPA Bookshelf
2/09/2011 Faye Quam Heimerl
2/10/2011 Thoughts in Progress
2/11/2011 Linda Lou Live from Las Vegas
The tour is actually be a series of conversations with book reviewers, literary commentators and even a Las Vegas stand-up comic (!) Here’s how it works: From Jan 31 to Feb 11  Storm of the i: An Artobiography will be featured on ten literary sites. I’ll be there to respond to the review, to reader comments and to answer questions. Please stop by one (or several) of the sites if only to say “Hi.” Just click on one of the links above. I’d really appreciate it if you’d take a minute to make a comment while you’re there. Or better yet, you could get a free autographed copy by giving (as a comment) the “Most interesting answer” to this question:
Question background:
The inspiration for Storm of the i happened after a weeklong trip into the mountains several years ago. I walked in my front door, took off my jacket and hung it in the hall closet. On my way up the stairs to my bedroom, I passed a sculpture I’d made in my early twenties. It resided on a book shelf along the wall. I’d seen the piece thousands of times before—it had followed me to every apartment and house I’d ever lived in. This time, it stopped me in my tracks.  I could see, suddenly, that it was an archeological relic I’d been unable to decipher until that very moment. It was a message about me that I had placed there. Here’s how I describe that moment in the book: “There in front of me was the incarnation of longing. Though it has hands and feet, it has no eyes, no face, no internal organs. I could see that the figure has no self. Its insides are an empty space, a void—perhaps, waiting to be filled. And the piece was about me.”
Oftentimes the objects we hold onto contain cryptic clues that point towards something deeper about ourselves. Take a look around your house (or your room) at the things with which you have surrounded yourself.  Is there anything you are still hanging onto that seems to contain a hidden message for you? What do you think it is?
A personally autographed copy of Storm of the i will go to the person with the most intriguing answer.
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